A dreamteam of


Forze is a foundation that comprises about 50 students. Most of these students study at the Delft University of Technology. The team is multi-disciplinary; all the faculties are represented on the team, which is also managed by students. Apart from the technical and managerial challenges, maintaining public relations and acquisitions are done by students as well.

Team Structure

Apart from the board, which works fulltime, most of the team members are part-timers. These students are very driven and desire to get hands-on experience with engineering in their spare time.  Students choose to be involved in the Forze project because of its innovative, sustainable, educational and fun character. Every year a new board of students heads Forze, but always with a smooth transition of knowledge and continuity.


The Forze team is located in the D:Dreamhall. Several student run projects, all supported by the TU Delft, are based in this special building on campus. The university facilitates the team with knowledge, machinery and accommodation. Forze has its own office and workshop in this hall. Because of the enthusiastic support of the university, each team has the ability to develop itself into a successful organization.


The management of this 10th year consists of nine full-time members. These students are fully dedicated to the Forze team and pause their studies for one year. Each board member has different responsibilities. Every year the board is chosen by the previous board. The team members are selected for their competence, teamwork and management skills. This year, the following people comprise the board X:

Mats Dirkzwager

Team Manager

Joost Berendsen

Chief Engineer

Sieger Falkena

Chief Electronics

Mathieu Blanke

Acquisition & Event Manager

Oscar Verbeek

Technical Manager

Coen Lastdrager

Chief Vehicle Dynamics

Tinie Lam

Marketing Manager

Beau Smit

Chief Fuel Cell

Colin Heimans

Chief Aerodynamics