When the top bodywork of the Forze VI is removed at an event, the thing most people immediately notice is the large amount of cables in the car. For the materials we use in this cable tree we can rely on our loyal sponsors. Here we want to highlight two of them: Thomas & Betts and Altec.

We have a lot of electronic components in the car and they all have to be powered and communicate with each other. Of course, the cable tree for the Forze VI has been produced quite some time ago but every time a component has to be changed or sensor is addes, the cable tree has to get an update as well.

In the last months we have been experimenting with making our own cables, which enables us to have at every place the exact number of wires we want. To protect the wires from external influences, they are covered with the heat shrink. And when we need heat shrink, we ask Thomas & Betts.

Adri van Agtmaal, representative of Thomas & Betts, visiting the Forze workshop

Thomas & Betts is a designer and manufacturer of connectors and components for electrical and communication markets. For years already, they supply us with Ty-Raps, lugs, ferrules and other articles used to produce or fix the cable tree.

To make sure we can identify all different cables and plug them in at the point they are supposed to go, all cables are labelled. Here is why Altec comes in. In the past they have supplied us with a Brady label printer and since then we new cartridges when we need them.