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Forze is a foundation that comprises about 50 students. Most of these students study at the Delft University of Technology. The team is multi-disciplinary; many faculties are represented on the team, which is also managed by students. Apart from the technical and managerial challenges, maintaining public relations and acquisitions are done by students as well. They work on the project for an entire year, full-time & unpaid.




The Forze team is located in the D:Dreamhall. Several student run projects, all supported by the TU Delft, are based in this special building on campus. The university facilitates the team with knowledge, machinery and accommodation. Forze has its own office and workshop in this hall. Because of the enthusiastic support of the university, each team has the ability to develop itself into a successful organization.

Team Organisation

Team XIII consists of 22 full-time team members. Each team member has different responsibilities. In team XIII, six teams members make up the management (first two rows of pictures). The other sixteen are the full-time engineers (last five rows of pictures) and are divided over seven technical departments: Vehicle Dynamics, Fuel Cell, Aerodynamics & Bodywork, Electronics & Powertrain, Software, Control & Simulations and General Mechanics.

Every September the full-time team of Forze is renewed. The new team is selected by the previous team for their competence, teamwork and motivation. This September, Forze has grown quite a lot. The previous team had 18 full-time team members. To ensure an optimal transition of knowledge and responsibility, the successors work alongside their predecessors for at least one month.

To support the full-time team, nearly 30 part-timers are also involved at Forze. These students are very driven and desire to get hands-on experience with engineering in their spare time. They work on interesting projects together and are supervised by the full-time member(s) of the concerned department. Students choose to be involved in the Forze project because of its innovative, sustainable, educational and fun character.

Jesper Frijns

Team Manager

Antonio Scoccimarro

Chief Engineer

Daphne Stukker

PR & Marketing Manager

Anna Noteboom

Acquisitions Manager

Emiel Hartsema

Project Manager

Seymour Lubbers

Finance & Operations Manager

Tim van de Weijer

Vehicle Dynamics

Dennis Koens

Vehicle Dynamics

Mounir Roodenburg

Fuel Cell

Lars Talsma

Fuel Cell

Pranav Madabhushi

Fuel Cell

Martijn Jorissen


Thijs Goetzee


Antoni Plonczak


Otmar Ubbens

Electronics & Powertrain

Bram Kool

Electronics & Powertrain

Thijmen Langendam


Rosalie Kievits

Control & Simulations

Martin Osowski

Control & Simulations

Peter Elffers

Control & Simulations

Tuur Knevels

General Mechanical

Niels de Boer

General Mechanical