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This page contains special information for all brands and companies who are interested in supporting Forze.

Since 2007, Forze has believed in the potential of hydrogen as a clean fuel and has strived to promote hydrogen in the transportation sector. During this time, the team’s cars have gone from karts to full-size racecars and have reached worldwide media coverage from Delft to Australia in 2016. As a result of working closely with innovative and talented partners, the project has reached a level which the founders could only dream of.

During the Supercar Challenge in August 2017 the latest race car of Forze, the Forze VII, became the world’s first hydrogen powered race car to participate in a conventional race class. We were remarkably competitive with the third best lap time. Achieving this goal together with Forze’s sponsors gave the team the confidence to further push the boundaries of hydrogen racing and the hydrogen industry. For this new challenges were accepted.
Currently a team of approximately 50 students, supported by a large number of former team members is working on achieving the yearly goal: Officially participate in the full Gamma Racing Days weekend of the Supercar Challenge 2018 and win the Sunday race. This is to support the realization of the long-term goal: Officially participate in an endurance racing championship with a competitive hydrogen electric race car. By supporting the project, sponsors and team members together are pushing the limits of sustainable engineering and technology.
Thank you for your interest in supporting Forze. Feel free to have a look at our brochure and please do not hesitate to contact us for more information or to request a partner booklet.

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Acquisitions Manager
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