Production of the Forze VII

The Forze VII, the most innovative race car in the world, is taking shape. The team members are working really hard to get all the components together and get the car together to start testing as soon as possible. Every department is almost ready to put the car together. Below the last steps of each department will be discussed.

The vehicle dynamics department is 99% finished with the rear suspension. The real suspension has been fitted to the car as can be seen on the image. Also, the wheels have been already fitted to the car. I can tell, it looked awesome! The front suspension is currently in production. The wishbone tubes are all in and will be welded this week. All the raw material are currently at the machining company and is being worked on.  As soon as it comes in we will be able to put this car on its wheels and start testing the car.

To start testing the car, off course we need fuel cell power!  To be able to dissipate more than 100KW of heat produced by the fuel cell, the fuel cell department has to install the cooling radiators. These have to cool the equivalent energy consumption of 100 households. The installation is nearly finished as you can see on the picture.

The fuel cell team has also been busy with testing the AMK, the electromotor that pumps the required air into the fuel cell system. We can safely say it works according to specs and the cooling cycle works as it should. This also means that all required components are finished, and are also in the car already.

The bodywork is beginning to take shape! The lamination of the panels have had some delay but Jasper and Casper are working very hard to make sure these panels are all finished when needed. The ducts are already finished and assembled. They are ready for final trimming and fitting to the car, but wait there is more! Three of the four big moulds have been laminated and the parts look very nice when they came out the mould; very little mould residue. The bottom plate which houses several components and has the functionality to create downforce and reduce drag  has been fitted to the car. Also, the front wing and duct leading edges are currently being milled.  The picture shows the progression of the cooling ducts in the car. I hardly dare to say so, but they look really cool!

The Electronic department may be one of the most dedicated departments lately. They are so busy since they are involved in nearly every component that comes in the car. The electronics guys have been busy with assembling the PCB’s and their respective casings. Furthermore, Fokker Elmo dropped by to give some more shielding material and also gave a short lesson on how splice or not to splice. This is very welcoming since the wiring tree is coming along nicely! With the help of old board members, very much appreciated, the cable loom is going strong. But it proves a lot of work. Also, we started the milling of the bussbars, which is not as much work as we thought. And the moulds for the buffer casings are also at the foundry as we speak.

The cable harness is one of the most time-consuming activities at the moment. Look at them toil!