Recently we got in touch with one of Forze’s former chief engineers, Edwin de Kreij. He worked on the Forze III in 2010 and currently is an employee of Jaguar Land Rover. We asked him a few questions about his stay at Forze and here is what Edwin has to say.

What is your name and where do you work at the moment? 
Edwin de Kreij, Jaguar Land Rover

What was your position at Forze and what was the problem/task you had to solve? 
Chief Engineer Forze III, responsible for the technical design and production of the Forze III.

What effect did Forze have on your personal development in terms of skills and knowledge? 
I regard my year as Chief Engineer at Forze as the most important year of my studies. Without it, I wouldn’t be here where I am today. I still benefit from the skills and knowledge that I learned during that year today. Especially the interpersonal and management skills I regard as very important.

What did you like most about working at Forze?
What I liked the most about Forze, is the family atmosphere of the team. When you enter the office and workshop, you really sense that this team is working on something special. You also feel that everyone is willing to help each other out in order to reach the end-goal of building a top end hydrogen electric race car.

How does the job you did at Forze relate to your job at Jaguar Land Rover? 
My job at Jaguar Land Rover is quite similar to my job at Forze. I only focus on a smaller area of the process now, since the projects are much larger. However, even in a smaller area of the process, I still use the skills and knowledge that I learned at Forze. It also helps that I have experienced the whole process of developing a car from design to production at Forze. Due to this, it is much easier for me to understand the process of product development at Jaguar Land Rover.
How did the experience at Forze help you get a job at Jaguar Land Rover?
During the interview phase, there was much emphasis on the experience you have had with working on special projects in teams. My year at Forze as Chief Engineer was a perfect example of this. It really caught the attention of the managers that interviewed me and definitely helped me getting the position at Jaguar Land Rover.
Could you tell potential Forze team members why they should join the Forze?
If you like engineering, love to work on high-tech automotive projects and aspire a job in the highly competitive automotive industry, Forze is the way to go. This will be your only chance during your studies to stand out from the rest of the students and enjoy the process of building a fantastic car powered by future technologies.