Future Plans of the New Board

The goal is to put us in a position to win. For achieving this goal, there are quite many projects to follow from a technical point of view. This includes fixing flaws that the current setup still shows but also making necessary major alterations and additions. First, all systems, counting in the fuel cell, should be able to run on their respective full specifications to contest the podium while ensuring steady, reliable conditions especially mechanically, thermodynamically and software-wise. In addition, as a complete race weekend does not only include a 45-minute race like the one that the Forze VII has already competed in but also a 60-minute race, one essential project is to increase the endurance capabilities in race conditions. This will be achieved by implementing larger tanks while at the same time doubling the system pressure of the hydrogen storage from 350 to 700 bars. Furthermore, the rear suspension currently does not completely behave as desired and will therefore be completely redesigned, allowing the car to be even faster, more easily controllable and safer in the corners. A new subframe supports the two previous projects while also giving the opportunity to further optimize the packaging of all systems in the car. Finally, the bodywork will undergo tremendous changes, improving the aerodynamic performance and cooling as well as access and maintenance of the car.

Steffen Strübing – Chief Engineer 

The New Team

Besides the changes our car will undergo in the coming year, the team itself is also subject to some changes compared to the previous team. The greatest change is the full-time team expanding from eleven to a respectable eighteen dedicated team members. This increase in work force will allow for more projects to be realized, both in the tech and non-tech departments. It also, however, requires more managerial and organizational effort to keep the foundation running. For this reason, the management team has been reinforced with two new functions. First of all, the new function of Operations Manager has been added to the board, to successfully plan and guide the increasing number of events – both static and dynamic – the team is involved in. Secondly, an Acquisitions Manager will be fully focused on acquiring the financial and material resources, necessary to achieve the team’s goals. As promoting the use of hydrogen in the mobility sector is still the mission of the team, we plan to organize a big marketing stunt this year, aiming to reach an audience broader than ever.

Overall, these changes will allow us, Year XI of Forze and its partners, to show once more the capabilities of hydrogen electric power to the world and place a good technical foundation for the years to come.

Gijs Vermeij – Team Manager

In order from left to right: 1. Jelle de Vries (Control & Simulations) – 2. Steijn van Schoor (Control & Simulations) – 3. Sanne Nielsen (Acquisitions Manager) – 4. Lars Musters (Chief Fuel Cell) – 5. Karsten Bakker (PR Manager) – 6. Steffen Strübing (Chief Engineer) – 7. Thom Huisman (Chief Powertrain) – 8. Tjebbe de Lint (Vehicle Dynamics) – 9. Christophe Geuens (Chief Fuel Cell) – 10. Gijs Vermeij  Team Manager – 11. Simon Vermeijlen (Operations Manager) – 12. Thomas Barendse (Technical Manager) – 13. Pepijn de Heer (Vehicle Dynamics) – 14. Joerie Arkesteijn (Chief  Aerodynamics) – 15. Wouter Van Gijseghem (Chief Aerodynamics) 16. Lode De Herdt (Chief Powertrain) – 17. Maurice van der Maas (Chief Electronics) – 18. Jan Maarten Buis (Chief Software)