On the 10th of march Forze had the design presentation of the Forze VII. In the presentation team manager Rick Everaert spoke about the team and our goal, racing in the Supercar Challenge on the GAMMA Racing Day. After Rick spoke it was time for Daan Sistermans, representative of the new main sponsor of Forze, PitPoint.

Chief Fuel Cell, Sjoerd van Empelen, gave all the technical details of the new race car. One of the improvements in the design of the Forze VII is the aerodynamics, by decreasing drag and increasing downforce the lap times improve. The Fuell Cell system will be more reliable, lighter and have longer range because the hydrogen tanks will be bigger.

Together with Jan Lammers, former Formula one driver, Sjoerd revealed the monocoque. Lammers told everyone about his own experience racing and how safety has improved since he started racing. The monocoque Forze is using in the Forze VII is a LMP, a Le Mans Protoype.

The whole presenation can be seen in the first youtube clip, the presentation starts at 49 minutes. The official design reveal can be seen in the second clip in this article.

After the presentation everyone went to the Dreamhall for some drinks, sponsored by Sodexo. In the Dreamhall it was possible for everyone to take a closer look at the Forze VI and the monocoque for the Forze VII.

If you would like to get more information about the design of the Forze VII send an e-mail to info@forze-delft.nl