The past few months, some of our sponsors have shown us how important they are by delivering some crucial parts of the Forze VII. We would like to show our appreciation towards these sponsors!

To test our energy buffer, which is used to temporarily store energy from our fuel cell during driving, we’ve used the power supplies delivered by Delta Elektronika bv and a large tram radiator delivered by ALSTOM. Testing our energy buffer is very important, so thanks a lot for delivering these items!

A crucial part of the Forze VII is the monocoque. This monocoque, which can be seen as the skeleton of the car, is produced by ADESS. The rear subframe is designed by our team members, but ADESS made it possible to produce this carbon fibre monocoque

One of the key components in the suspension is the upright. This part connects the wishbones to the wheel and it houses the wheel hub and brake calliper. When designing anything in the suspension weight savings is always important in order to reduce the wheel mass, less weight means a more agile and faster responding car. However in the suspension safety is of utmost importance, one mistake and a wheel can come of at 200 kph. All in all the uprights are an intricate piece of engineering which was done by one of our part-timers. And an even more stellar job was done by Klift, a loyal sponsor, who produced uprights.

At last, we would like to thank Bodycote and Klift Metaalbewerking. These two sponsors have helped us creating and heat treating the wheel hubs for the Forze VII. The hubs are different than the previous ones since the connection to the drive shaft is implemented into the design of the hubs. This makes it all one part, which we really like. For producing these hubs, we’ve used diamond tools and a special production method called Electrical discharge machining.
At last big thanks to all these indispensable sponsors!