N  E  W  S  L  E  T  T  E  R

Dear Forze Family member,

August has just begun, but it is already the most magical, wonderful and exciting month of the year. What has begun as an ambitious mission two years ago, has now been realised into the most awarding adventure ever. Those who have joined us during the Gamma Racing Days may remember, but luckily our Mathieu has written a summary for those who sadly could not join us. And for those who want to relive the moment of course! The story gives you an explicit peek behind the scenes: it is about how we did, felt and experienced this weekend. We want to let you know how blessed we feel for receiving so much support. Please enjoy reading and/or reliving the moment! We hope you like the backstage story as much as we do, because this joy and satisfaction we feel, is only at its best when we can share it.

With love,

Forze Hydrogen Electric Racing


T H E   B A C K S T A G E   S T O R Y

The last weeks could best be described as an intense, but rewarding flurry of activity. How the team’s engineers were still standing after 4 tests in 6 days, of which the earliest began at 9am in Assen, is anybody’s guess. Other than eating and the occasional nap, the technical core team, consisting of Huib Versteeg, Sander Verhage, Joost Berendsen, Oscar Verbeek, Sieger Falkena, Coen Lastdrager, Beau Smit and Colin Heimans, lived and breathed hydrogen.

Exhausted as they were, their efforts paid off, and their performance was crucial in getting the car ready in the final stages of preparation...



G O O D B Y E   B O A R D   X ,  
H E L L O   B O A R D   XI

August is sadly also the last month of board X. After one full-time year, we will end our adventure and continue our studies where we have stopped them. We can all agree (probably) that we have become best friends during this board year and we will definitely continue at Forze in a supportive way.

Coen and Sander will go on exchange to Italy and Sweden for one semester whilst Mathieu, Oscar and Sieger will finish their Bachelor Aerospace, Industrial Design Engineering and Electrical Engineering respectively. And while Mats will enter his final year of his Master Control and Simulations, Beau, Colin, Huib, Joost and Tinie will start their Master adventure in Aerospace (Beau and Colin), Mechanical Engineering (Huib and Joost) and Industrial Design Engineering (Tinie).

Luckily Forze will be in good hands when we leave. The full-time team will grow to 18 team members, which means 7 extra pair of hands than this year! The new team is now busy with generating, discussing and preparing new plans for the upcoming academic year and getting ready for September. We wish them good luck in advance and we will stay in touch!

Cheers, Board X


S P E C I A L   T H A N K S   A R E A

The Gamma Racing Days were extra perfect with the words of Erik Bütker on behalf of our main sponsor PitPoint, and:

Tweereclame | www.tweereclame.nl

Sodexo | www.sodexo.nl

Improve | www.improve.nl

Sim Racing Limburg | www.sim-racing-limburg.nl

Louwman & Parqui | www.louwmangroup.nl

Resato | www.resato.com

And last but not least, our media partner Worcflow, who captured all precious moments. Also, it would not have been possible without the support of the sponsors below and partners of Forze. THANK YOU!


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