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Dear Forze family,

The last month before the world premiere has begun: only one month left before we head east towards the Gamma Racing Days 2017! It has not always been easy, or hardly normal, but we are confident and hopeful to show you the best hydrogen race car ever built. After the valuable learning experience of the Pinksterraces, we are now pushing the limits even more. The repair of the driveshaft demanded quite some hours in order to prevent the malfunction from happening again. After a long session on the dynamometer with a redesigned housing in the gearbox, it is now time to get back on the track. We will now fully focus on racing, making it the best Supercar Challenge ever!

Forze Hydrogen Electric Racing


S A V E   T H E   D A T E  :  5 / 8 / 17  -  6 / 8 / 17

SAVE THE DATE! Now, nearly one year after the reveal, we have worked hard towards this world premiere and you are all invited to behold the first regular competition ever, involving a hydrogen-electric race car. This world’s first is going to be big, we will make it big. Stay tuned and see you there at TT Circuit Assen!


Friday 4th of August 

Free Practise

Saturday 5th of August

Exhibition Day (Paddock)

Sunday 6th of August

Supercar Challenge

Everybody is welcome at our paddock stand! You can visit us during the whole weekend and the Forze VII will be exhibited on Saturday. Swing by for a mini seminar about hydrogen power or try out our race simulator and become the fastest driver!




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Care for our climate and sustainability are ingrained in who we are. They are vital to how we do business, what projects we invest in and who we partner with. From this standpoint, we have developed a CO2 calculator in our multi-carrier platform that presents the carbon dioxide emission for each shipment. Our platform enables customers to financially compensate this emission. In this way, our customers have compensated tons of CO2 over the last years. 

We believe in supporting innovative projects that contribute to sustainable, future-proof logistics. Which brings us to Forze and the development of the hydrogen electric vehicle. Speed, innovation and sustainability - these are the values we share and what makes us very excited about the Forze VII. We are convinced that the hydrogen racer will contribute to more sustainable innovations in transport and logistics. We are excited to partner with Forze and happy to offer our online software, service and shipping solutions.



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