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Dear Forze followers,

This might be the hottest newsletter so far! It has definitely been an exciting month. We added some milage to our Forze VII last month with a top speed of 183km/h overnight and the lady has set her very first meters on Circuit Zandvoort. The team has worked incredibly hard to realise this premiere and we are more than happy with the achievements. Have fun reading our June's newsletter and do not forget to save the date whilst planning your holiday: August 5 & 6!

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P I N K S T E R R A C E S:  T H E  P R E M I E R E

The preparations started a couple of weeks ago, but in the week of the Pinksterraces (Whitsun Races), it was really time to shine. Circuit Zandvoort gave us the opportunity to drive a demonstration lap during the breaks of the raceweekend. Although we had discovered an issue with a PCB before the weekend suprême, we still wanted to go for it and it became a race against the clock, which we won! On Friday, we had our best moment: within half an hour, including unloading two fully packed vans, we were track ready. 

After driving numerous laps on the circuit, satisfying data results have been collected! Sadly the next day, a technical malfunction occurred. The driveshaft made us stop our test prematurely and unfortunately it was impossible to receive necessary components within 24 hours to repair and undo the malfunction in the driveshaft. However, it certainly can be stated that it was a valuable and fantastic experience to drive at Circuit Zandvoort and we have achieved our test goals. We will definitely meet again soon!



N I G H T   T E S T

Last month has also been exciting since we have tested overnight! Before we had our premiere test on Circuit Zandvoort, we went to the test circuit of RDW Lelystad again and we reached a speed of 183 km/h. The experience was thrilling when you see the headlights first and then the car!


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