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Dearest Forze followers,

Two months ago, we released our teaser video of the Forze VII. In the meantime, we kept improving and achieving more with the car. We did acceleration tests and reached a new top speed of 160 km/h! Now, the team is entering the next severe phase: implementation of the new accumulator design. But: more about that later. Upcoming month, we will aim for some more vitamin D! The team is present at the spring meeting of BOVAG on the 9th of May and we will join PitPoint at the Fleetmanagement Event in Rotterdam on the 23rd! Please visit our website for more event information and enjoy this newsletter.


Forze Hydrogen Electric Racing


T E C H N I C A L   U P D A T E

As we have said earlier, we have reached a new top speed. This would not be possible if we have not reached 77 kW of fuel cell power on the dynamometer. Besides this milestone, we have finalised the design of the brackets that hold the accumulator in a new position: behind the driver. After hours of milling, the connecting components were finished and WEST END water-jetted the plates and lids for the accumulator. This week, the accumulator will be finished. The cooling tubes and the high voltage cables will be connected.

In the field of Vehicle Dynamics, we have two new front hubs! The new design allows us to use wheel studs instead of wheel bolts, this makes it easier to switch tyres (we have new ones!). The hubs are made of incredibly strong Toolox 44, provided by J. Hersbach BV. Also, new brake bells have been designed and manufactured. These brake bells now have bobbins, which create a floating disc. This makes sure that the brake disc can expand freely due to the large temperature differences while braking. All in all, this results in better performance of the car!


E L E C T R I C A L   B L O G : S O F T W A R E

85 48 65 6c 6c 6f 2c 20 57   6f 72 6c 64 21 03. Or as the steering wheel display would show that message “Hello, World!”. But first let me introduce myself. My name is Jens Langerak and I am a fourth-year Computer Science student. Since August 2015 I am a part-time team member of Forze and I am one of the engineers who works on the software of the car.



S P O N S O R   N E W S

This month, our sponsor CB&I came over! Mathieu gave a presentation for around twenty CB&I employees. After a presentation about the developments, we visited the workshop and the delegates of CB&I were impressed by the work of our team. They nicely recommended us to enjoy our study time and the time at Forze. Well, we will probably say that we already enjoy it!


W A N T E D : M A R K E T I N G   M A N A G E R

Forze is still looking for a full-time board member! As a Marketing Manager, you carry out Forze's vision and mission to the general public and plan, design and realise marketing campaigns. Another essential part of this function is to get in touch with sponsors, tv producers, international press and create and show the most stunning stories, photos and videos of Forze.

Excited for this PR-challenge or do you know someone who might be? Please send your CV and motivation letter to recruitment@forze-delft.nl before May 10th or click here for more information about becoming the next Marketing Manager!

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