N  E  W  S  L  E  T  T  E  R

Dear Forze friend,

When we thought we could not become more excited, we were proved wrong. Besides the horribly cold weather on the very first test day, we were more than satisfied with the first view of a moving Forze VII. Just like on the dynamometer, we are building up slowly to move faster. Step by step, we will increase the speed and check all data before reaching more power. Besides that, we are working on improvements. The technical department is busy designing and manufacturing while management is interviewing future team members. We hope you read our April news with joy,

Forze Hydrogen Electric Racing


T H E   F U T U R E   O F   R A C I N G

She's here, the future of racing. Watch the Forze VII moving towards a zero emission future:



T E S T   D A Y   1:   F O O D   T R U C K

Despite the cold, we were unstoppable thanks to our trailer, which we converted into a temporary food truck. Therefore we accelerated smoothly to the final tests and the results are looking good. There was a minor issue whilst warming up the gearbox for optimal performance. Luckily this was easily solved by replacing a tube the next day. Want to know what a test day looks like? Click the link below and see how we roll:



T H E   E L E C T R I C A L   B L O G

Viba, Hemmink and Thomas & Betts (sponsors of Forze) make sure that many components in our car are fastened correctly. This is often a branch which is unrecognized by most people watching our car, but it is worth naming! Mostly the big components in our car are explained to people, but today it is time to unveal some hidden treasures in our car and our daily work.



A C C U M U L A T O R   P R O J E C T

Whilst testing the Forze VII, the technical department is busy with improvements too. We have been working on improvements quite a while and the design for the accumulator is finished now. This results in a much stronger design, positioned behind the firewall and driver seat, as can be seen in the image. The monocoque was 3D-scanned by the handy Faro scan arm, which helped us with modelling components inside the car.


F O R Z E   I S   F U E L E D   B Y :


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