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First of all, we wish you a happy and healthy new year! We look forward to face new challenges together and we await August with great expectations. The garage & office were closed for a couple of days so the whole team had the time to rest a bit, but perhaps most importantly, spend the festive days with family and friends. Now being fully refueled, the Forze VII has our undivided focus again and will be made ready for the Supercar Challenge as its first zero emission race car.

Altogether, it is time to bring off the 2017 resolutions. Please enjoy our first newsletter of the year!

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T H E   S T A R T - U P   O F   T H E   V I I 

December 9th - Last month began with successful start-ups of the Forze VII! The system has to be started from its low voltage circuit and then has to be switched to the high voltage system. This definitely creates an exceptional sound! Now the big wheels have turned and the VII has made her first meters in the air, it is time to carefully continue our testing phase and prepare for the next step: the dynamometer.



T E A M   N E W S

Whilst being busy running tests, the department of Vehicle Dynamics have also produced new and improved upright brackets. After the assemblage of new toe links, the suspension will become stronger and has a larger safety margin for track testing. Also, the VII is now properly aligned so we are another step closer.

Furthermore, El Futuro Es One, division of Spanish leading newspaper El País has interviewed us about our vision and mission, the car(s) and its development. We talked about sustainability and racing, a not so common combo, but definitely an important movement of the future. It was truly an honour to have them at Forze and the interview has already more than 65K views!

> WATCH THE INTERVIEW (Please note that the interview is in Spanish)


 S O C I A L   N E W S

In the near future, we are going to visit the InfraTech 2017 with record-holder Forze VI in Rotterdam Ahoy. This national platform gives us the opportunity to display the relevance of hydrogen electric transport to all stakeholders in the infrastructural sector.

Forze will attend the fair during the following days: January 18th and 19th

> More information about InfraTech 2017

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Last but not least, we have made a video record of our field trip to the Supercar Challenge on TT Circuit Assen! The vlog is out now, including a visit to Dayvtec on the paddock, a handshake and small chat with driver Jan Lammers, also our ambassador, and a sneak peek behind the scenes of Forze when Grand Prix is on!



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