N  E  W  S  L  E  T  T  E  R

Dear Forze followers,

The final month of the year has arrived. While working hard on the project, it is also time for some coziness and warm celebration. We have switched on our digital fireplace and placed our shoes in front of it. Luckily, our Saint-Nicholas did not forget about Forze team members. Thank you, Saint-Nicholas, we will behave next year too!

Furthermore, we have something new! Our first vlog is out now on YouTube. Subscribe to our channel, because more vlogs will follow wherein you join the team behind the car! 


Vlogging is not our only news. We have many more in this newsletter and it is amazing! It contains stuff about Jeremy Clarkson, the progress of our project and more hydrogen news, so we will not hold you up any longer. It was a pleasure to write to you for the last time this year. Thank you for joining us in our 2016 ride and hopefully more years are ahead. We will definitely keep up the good vibe and learn from our experiences. Forze wishes you a wonderful, warm and festive holiday season and we hope to see you in 2017!

Forze Hydrogen Electric Racing


W E   A R E   O N   D R I V E T R I B E

Forze is on DriveTribe! This new platform for everyone and everything on wheels is an initiative of Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond. Forze has created a tribe as well: welcome to Hydrogen Heroes, for everything about hydrogen fueled rides. This tribe is a place for sharing inspiration, innovation and ideas in the field of automotive and it is truly amazing to be part of this platform. We want to bring car lovers, technology enthusiasts and sustainability supporters together and discuss hydrogen, racing technology, team Forze and perhaps more important, our future of driving. Not enough satisfaction? Have a look at other tribes like James May's Carbolics or the Goodwood tribe. You will smile after joining DriveTribe!



P R O J E C T  N E W S

So what is happening behind the scenes? The focus now is on updates. We held a design review session together with the entire team, in order to give each other tips and ideas about what is good and what can be better. We are working on improvements of set-up measurement tools and brake-cooling for example. Ducts for the brake-cooling are redesigned and 3D-printed to obtain a better shape.

The home-made carbon fibre diffuser is ready! This diffuser reduces air drag and creates more downforce by its curvy shape: the underneath air will be led through the diffuser and prevents that the car will be lifted up.

Furthermore, the mirrors are attached and adjusted at the right height and it looks like two cherries on the cake.


 H Y D R O G E N   N E W S

Forze also went out in November! We attended the Tankstation Vakbeurs in Expo Houten together with our main sponsor PitPoint and joined AMT Live 2016 in Autotron Rosmalen. Furthermore, we have given a presentation during the hydrogen symposium of 'Schoon op weg' at Valkenburg Airport. We are grateful to have these opportunities, to inspire and educate the general public or industries with our technology.

So what is next? Forze will be present during the InfraTech 2017, the place to meet for clients, contractors and suppliers throughout the entire infrastructure sector. Please click on the following link for more information, see you there?

17 & 18 January 2017 - InfraTech 2017 - Rotterdam Ahoy



To follow us more closely, please take a look at our website or social media! Questions or suggestions about this newsletter? Please send an e-mail to info@forze-delft.nl and let us know!