N  E  W  S  L  E  T  T  E  R

Dear Forze followers,

Last month has been a productive, but also social month. After the official kick-off on the 20th of October, wherein we presented Forze's mission and goal in more details to our new team members, we enjoyed pizza during this first gathering with the freshers of Forze.

But it was also a productive month, as said earlier. Many team members prepared for milling, lathing, benchwork and also CNC instructions. A lot of team members passed their exams already! In the meantime, the Bodywork department has been busy with the front wheel arches, those are nearly finished. They also made a start with the diffuser, which will become the cherry on the cake!

Also, some innovations have been done while the final body parts are manufactured. A better set-up has been designed to create a better position for the accumulator and now the parts are in the making. Furthermore, we added a new Klinger sealing to each box to ensure leak tightness!

Altogether, it can be stated that we are proud of our work and we would love to show you more! This November, we will be present on the Tankstation Vakbeurs, together with our Forze VII and our main sponsor PitPoint. Also, the Forze VI will shine at the AMT Live in Rosmalen! Last but not least, we will be present at the annual H2 Conference of NWBA next month. For more information, please click on the links below:

Tankstation Vakbeurs - 15 November 2016 - Expo Houten

AMT Live - 15 & 16 November 2016 - Autotron Rosmalen

NWBA Annual H2 Conference - 8 December 2016 - Papendal Conference Centre Arnhem

It was an honour to write you again and to keep you up-to-date about Forze Hydrogen Electric Racing. Please enjoy this newsletter!



Besides the earlier mentioned developments, we also improved in the field of Vehicle Dynamics. The uprights are disassembled, so the hubs (a crucial part that holds the wheel) can get coated. The hubs are coated with a 'TiAICN' coating, done by Dekracoat, to prevent rust. Besides that, the uprights are shot peened by Straaltechniek BV, for ensuring a longer life span.

Photo: Front Uprights

Shot peening is a process to modify the mechanical properties of a material. In simple words, the surface of the material will be shot with small particles (500 - 5000┬Ám), so the material gets under compressive stress. This way, the surface will plastically deform and becomes smoother and stronger. This contributes to the fatigue strength and corrosion resistance.



Cruden BV is a Dutch design and manufacturing company of motion-based driving simulators. Located in Amsterdam, but also with departments in the US and Asia, Cruden supplies its simulators and software to customers all over the world. Also Red Bull Racing is a customer of Cruden, would Max Verstappen have raced in one of their products?

Forze's Simulation Department is cooperating with Cruden now. By using their driving simulator software Panthera, we will be simulating the driving behaviour and lap times of the Forze VII, with our drivers at the wheel. This helps us to test new concepts for performance improvement and to teach drivers the best driving strategy. Cruden has provided Forze with the digital racetrack of Zandvoort, so the Forze VII can be simulated on an actual racetrack. 

Circuit Zandvoort is the track whereon the Forze VI is still the electric lap record holder. With a lap time of 2:04,519, the Forze VI has beaten the Tesla Roadster. Now one question for our Simulation department remains: by how much will the Forze VII beat its predecessor?




Assen, 23rd of October - After the official kick-off for all (new) team members, we continued our team building experience with fine tasting of asphalt! In the early Sunday morning, we headed in the direction of TT Circuit Assen to watch the finales of the Supercar Challenge during the Formido Finale Races. Our own ambassador Jan Lammers had some time to chat with us and meet the freshers of the team before the Dutch race legend raced away in his Ligier. 



Delft, 31st of October - Last week, we had a special visitor in our Forze garage. FARO gave us a demo of the FARO Edge Scanarm HD. Whoa, what? Yes, this product of FARO is a high-tech scanner that is used for 3D measuring. Although it looked easy when the professional held the scanner, it was utterly impressive to see the working of this technology. Our monocoque and wheels (including rims!) have been scanned into a 3D model with such a high accuracy, that even the smallest relief words on the rubber tires have been transmitted into the 3D model on the computer. After this demo, we are convinced that the results of the 3D measurements will be of great help for further development of our project. 




To follow us more closely, please take a look at our website or social media! Questions or suggestions about this newsletter? Please send an e-mail to info@forze-delft.nl and let us know!