N  E  W  S  L  E  T  T  E  R

Dear Forze-relative,

Another month has passed by, time flies while having fun and working hard! Days are getting shorter, nights are starting to be darker, business is getting more serious: summer has come to an end. With the tenth board all settled down now, the entire team is working hard on running tests and busy with the final touch of the car. This month, the mold for the front wheel arches have been produced, so we were able to continue with laminating the wheel arches themselves. Besides that, the front anti-rollbar is installed now! As the name explains, an anti-rollbar is part of the suspension and prevents the vehicle from roll in the corners. Further, we have been busy with some minor trouble shooting from cooling to software. Last but not least, a very cool part of the car has been produced: the rear wing! More about that later in our newsletter!

Besides this, September was also a crucial month for the Recruitment department. We have hosted interest drinks on two evenings in our own workshop and had some good conversations with enthusiastic new team members. Not only new students had come over this month, we also had a special guest visiting the Dreamhall last week: the Mayor of Delft! Although she had a tight schedule, we felt honored to have her coming over.

We hope that October will be even more productive for all of us, so keep an eye on us, next month is full of events!



October will not only be spent inside the Dreamhall! From 4 October till 7 October, the Forze VII will be present during the World of Technology & Science ('WoTS') 2016 fair at the Jaarbeurs Utrecht. This fair with more than seventeen thousand visitors, brings four worlds together at one place: World of Automation, World of Laboratory, World of Motion & Drives en World of Electronics. Nevertheless, every branche has its own identity, program and projects. In this way, each branche can target their own visitors. We will be present at this fair, together with our sponsor B├╝rkert!




Forze is published in the KIJK Magazine! In the category 'NederTech', this popular Dutch science magazine proudly presents us in their tenth edition of 2016 as one of the technology highlights at home. After a detailed interview, a couple of pictures were shot and this all resulted in two pages wide spread in the middle of the magazine, wherein we try to explain the advanced technology of hydrogen, what we aim for and how we achieve it. We feel honored to be published in this popular magazine!


(note: the magazine is in Dutch)



Wanna see the result in real life? Come see the Forze VII at the WoTS in Utrecht!

This month, we continued working on the final body parts of the Forze VII. The rear wing, destined to create downforce, is, as you might see in the picture, nearly two meters long. The rear wing is produced by using the production technique of composite laminating. The endplates are already mounted at the sides of the rear wing. For the finishing touch, the total piece will be lacquered.



Antwerp, September 23rd - We went to our neighbor country to speak at the Green Drive Conference! People from industries and higher education were brought together in Antwerp to discuss about the needs of the future mobility and challenges for the higher education to fulfill these needs.




To follow us more closely, please take a look at our website or social media @ForzeDelft!